Alleged victim of brutal beating was ‘clearly the aggressor’, CMPD says


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Mecklenburg police tell FOX 46 that a man who said he and his boyfriend were beat up in South End Sunday evening was in fact the instigator in the incident.

On Wednesday, after not responding to FOX 46’s multiple requests for comment, police released a statement saying that after reviewing surveillance video, the alleged victim was “clearly the aggressor in the incident.”

FOX 46 first brought you the story on Tuesday after Kenny Coppedge said he and his boyfriend, Jordan Frye, were walking along Yancey Road when a group walked up behind them.


Coppedge said a group of men who appeared to be intoxicated accused them of stealing from a woman’s purse who they were with.

According to Coppedge, when CMPD officers arrived, they spoke briefly with the men before allowing them to leave the scene.

“I was told they talked to them and they let them go,” Coppedge said.

A police report reads that the victims were assaulted by an unknown suspect, however, CMPD confirmed to FOX 46 that the victim was an instigator in the incident. 

Coppedge believes the assault came at the hands of off-duty officers who said they were from New Jersey.

“The way they were maneuvering us and the way that they pinned us down, it was like they were trained to do that,” Coppedge said. “I want them to be charged.”

CMPD said they have the identities of the men accused by Coppedge, but did not say whether or not they’re police officers.

It is unclear at this time what charges, if any, are going to be filed. Check back with FOX 46 for updates on this story. 

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