Alabama gas leak cause shortage in Charlotte, gas prices expected to spike


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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory says he and other officials are working with fuel suppliers to monitor and quickly replenish gasoline supplies.

The governor’s office issued a statement Sunday night saying a leaking pipeline in Alabama should be bypassed soon to restore normal service to North Carolina.

The governor’s statement says state officials are working to make sure that motorists are protected from excessive gas prices and minimize any interruptions in fuel supplies

McCrory’s office says most of those stations are getting new supplies of gas or will get them Monday.

The City of Charlotte released the following statement: 

The City of Charlotte is closely monitoring its fuel supply this week after a leak shut down an Alabama fuel distribution pipeline serving the Southeast.

At this time, the city does not expect the leak to affect delivery of city services because of:

  • Available fuel reserves from our fuel suppliers;
  • Available on-site city fuel reserves; and
  • Efforts by fuel suppliers to ship in fuel from other parts of the country. 

City staff is working with operating departments to assess any possible impact to the city and will continue monitoring the situation as it develops.

A gas leak in Alabama has caused a critical pipeline that carries gasoline all over the East Coast to shut down. Saturday the effects of the gas shortage can be seen in Charlotte gas stations.

Dozens of cars pulled in then quickly excited the Citgo gas station on Park Road after seeing bright yellow bags over all gas pumps reading, “sorry out of service.”

“Wow! It’s like every pump out of gas, I’ve never seen that,” said Michael Doran.

After 250,000 gallons of gasoline spilled in Alabama, the colonial pipeline shut down, which runs from Houston to New York. The cause of the leak is yet to be determined, but the effects of the gas shortage as starting to be seen in the Queen City.

“It makes me mad,” said Daniel Royer. “It shouldn’t affect us like that.”

The clean-up and full service of the pipeline will not be restored until next week. That means gas prices could spike as much as 15 cents per gallon or more.

 “We already pay high gas prices,” said Royer. “It was just starting to go down!”

Governors in Alabama and Georgia have already declared a state of emergency. All across the East Coast, many gas stations like the Citgo on Park Road are expected to run dry.

“But I’ve never see this, where every pump is bone dry,” said Doran.

The pipeline is the cheapest and fastest way to distribute. The Citgo on Park Road is hoping that emergency trucks carrying reimbursements of gasoline will arrive on Monday. 

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