Adults who failed to report sexual abuse allegations against community leader could face charges, CMPD says


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man who built a career counseling children is now charged with sex crimes against kids. The investigation involves several victims spanning more than twenty years. 

Investigators say Henry Black Jr. co-founded a counseling center for school-age children in Charlotte. Now, the 49-year-old is facing charges of sexually abusing children. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say the victims told adults about the abuse, and the adults did nothing.

“It’s inexcusable, it’s completely inexcusable. It’s not very difficult to pick up the phone and call,” said CMPD’s Gerald Smith. 

The investigation, spanning over 22 years, says the adults were in positions where they are legally required to report the abuse and they did not.

“It just baffles the mind why someone did not take that step to call law enforcement over 22 years they kept telling people but no one picked up the phone and called those three numbers ‘9-1-1,’ did not do it. Completely irresponsible, it’s shocking,” said Smith. 

LINK: Charlotte leader charged with rape and incest, accused of sexually assaulting two victims over 22-year span

Those adults could face criminal charges according to CMPD

“They are courageous survivors and they have been persistent for 22 years and they finally got this into the hands of law enforcement,” Smith said, 

Black co-founded Genesis Project One, which provides professional counseling to at-risk kids and families dealing with addiction, oppression, abuse and diseases, according to the organization’s website. 

CMPD says it has not yet found a connection between Black’s involvement with Genesis and the charges he’s currently facing, but they are still investigating.

A spokesperson says Black has not been around clients at Genesis since 2008, and that the counseling center was founded in 2007. 

Black has been suspended from his role on the Charlotte Citizens Review Board.

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