A rise in car break-ins in the Charlotte area


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A rise in car break-in. FOX 46 Charlotte found multiple police reports where iPad, phones and even guns were stolen from people’s cars. We spoke to victims who say there has to be a way to stop criminals from breaking in. 

One viewer, shows us a video of an attempted car break in in his Fort Mill home. The thief looking for the perfect opportunity to strike.

“I was woken up at 5 o clock by my neighbors that someone had broken into my car and I got outside and that’s when I’ve seen someone taken a hammer and broken my window out,” Leondra Garrett said. 

A slip up means you could be the next victim.

“They were unlocked, yea, it was the one night that neither my husband or I did and of course it’s the one night that they broke into it,” Brianna Buck said.

Valuables left in the open in many of the cars. Others left with keys inside making it an easy target for criminals.

People FOX 46 spoke with feel their neighborhoods, like West Trade Street, Smallwood, Biddleville, and Lakewood, are being targeted and not getting much help from police. 

Leondra Garrett tells me she did lock her car but had left some valuables in it, after driving home from a vacation in Myrtle Beach. The thief took a hammer to the glass and got away with her kid’s electronics.

Four other neighbors on Jones Street, also hit by the thief. 

“Last month alone, from what we were told in a community meeting that there were over 39 car break ins,” Garrett said. 

“I see on the next door app all the time shed are getting broken into, cars are getting broken into,” Buck said.

Regardless of what the circumstances are, these victims say they feel violated and want more police patrol to scare the thieves away. Also, they want to be update when someone has been caught so they can help police keep them from continuing their crime spree.

Officers will say that the first step to prevent all this, can be done by a simple click of a button and not leaving anything you care about in your car.

“We just hope that we can be more careful moving forward and find a way to decrease the incidents,” Buck said.

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