A dad’s deployment didn’t stop him from attending a school luncheon with son


PHOTO: Twitter / Clarisseaf

A father on deployment FaceTimed his son so he wouldn’t miss “lunch with dad” day at school. The lunch date has made the internet weep with joy and gratitude.  

While many kids welcomed the arrival of their dad’s to a school luncheon, that was not the case for Joey Flores.
His father, Pablo Flores, has been on deployment for two months, with ten more to go. So Joey was sad because he assumed he wouldn’t be seeing his dad– so he thought.
Thanks to his mother and with a bit of help from technology, Joey received the biggest surprise ever. 
While at the luncheon, Joey’s mother FaceTimed Flores, and over a Lunchable, the pair shared laughs while spending quality time together. 
What they did was pretty awesome– the best mates dabbed on each other. 
Joey’s sister Clarisse captured the epic moment and posted it to twitter.  
“Joeys school had lunch w dad today,” said Clarisse “and since my dads in bahrain they facetimed while he ate and I’m so in love.”


Well, so is the rest of the internet! The dab was the cherry on top to a beautiful moment shared between a son and father. 


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