CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Police have released the 911 calls from the morning a local store owner shot and killed a suspect in the middle of a robbery. 

“I need police at my business. There’s somebody broke into my store,” Alan Corder, the owner of the American Beauty Garden Center, told police in the 911 call. His store is on Independence Blvd. in southeast Charlotte. 

911 operator: “What’s the name of the business?” 

Corder: “There’s somebody in there right now,” 

911 operator: “I understand. What’s the name of the business?”

Corder: “American Beauty Garden Center.” 

That’s part of Corder’s first call to police, placed at 4:33 a.m. on Monday, August 6. He tells the dispatcher he saw someone break into his store through his security camera.

911 operator: “Are you there?” 

Corder: “No, I’m on my way there.” 

He tells the dispatcher it will take him five or six minutes to get to the shop.

911 operator: “The police are en route, but I am advising you it’s best to wait until police get there and not to approach the building until they get there to identify yourself.”

Corder: “We’ll see what happens when I get there.”

911 operator: “Are you armed? Do you have a weapon?”

Corder: “I do have a weapon.”

In the meantime, CPI Security was on the phone with dispatch, using its cameras to see the alleged intruder make his way through the store.

“Looks like he’s looking around for something. Actually he has a cart of stuff.”

Moments later, the CPI operator says a car drove up.

CPI operator: “Somebody in a car just pulled up. It’s an officer. Looks like he has a weapon drawn.”

CPI operator: “Actually, I don’t know if that’s an officer.”

911 operator: “I wonder if it’s the security company.”

It wasn’t the security company. Police say it was Alan Corder. He called 911 a second time, five minutes after his first call.

911 operator : “Is everything ok?”

Corder: “He just ran out of the store, ran at me. I shot at him like three or four times. I think i may have hit him.”

911 operator: “You shot at him?”

Corder: “Yes, I did. I pulled up in front of the building, he came running out of the door straight at me.”

Seconds later, Corder said police were arriving. Corder was ultimately charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting and killing the robber, 20-year-old Justin Anderson

The family’s attorney tells FOX 46 that Anderson was outside the store and running away when Corder shot him. Corder’s next court date is set for Monday, Aug. 27.

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