911 calls released after CMPD officer shoots, kills man


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released the 911 calls from the night a man was shot by CMPD officers.

30-year-old Ruben Galiendo was killed on Sep. 6 when officers responded to a call Galindo placed, telling CMPD he was in possession of a gun.

There are still some questions surrounding the eventual death of Galindo, as he apparently called CMPD himself, and information was relayed through a translator. 

The call starts with him asking the operator to send police to his home, but he won’t give police his location, his name or any other information as to why he needed police, until almost four minutes into the call.

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Later, he says that he wants to turn himself in, that people and police were following him, and that he was tired of it.

Operators ask if he has warrants for his arrest, but all he says is that he has a court date on September 9.

Later on during the call, he was asked if he had been drinking or doing drugs. Galindo admits to using both.

On the second call back, the operator asks Galindo four times to put the gun in a safe location before officers arrived.

Galindo tells the operator that he understood why they were nervous, but there were not bullets in the gun. He did not put the weapon away and was still holding it when police arrived on scene. 

According to CMPD, this is what made the officers feel threatened and led to them discharging their weapons. In one of the last calls, you can hear the shots being fired.

The incident is still being investigated, but the 911 calls have been made public. To hear the full 911 calls, click here. **WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT AND LANGUAGE**

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