90 students with flu-like symptoms out of school in one day


LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (FOX 46) — If everyone around you seems to be sick it’s not your imagination. The flu is hitting the Charlotte area hard and doctors said the break out is happening later in the season than normal.

FOX 46 Charlotte found one school where nearly 100 kids are home sick.

Ninety students were out in one day at Iron Station Elementary School in Lincoln County. The school principal called parents earlier this week asking for help, telling them not to send their kids to school sick.

“It floored me, it was scary, “Elisa Bishop said, whose daughter got sick. “The fever scares you but the vomiting is just pitiful. All of my kids were out Tuesday. It was a little scary. I just wanted to give them time to clean up the school; I didn’t want any more sick kids.”

Dr. Charles Bregier, medical director at Novant Health Urgent Care in Charlotte, said the flu has hit hard later this year and the flu season is lasting longer.

You always hear people say ‘the weather is making me sick’ but is there any truth to that? To a degree…

Dr. Bregier said the crazy swing in temperatures this winter may have something to do with the flu still going strong in late March.

“It is linked to people being cooped up a little more, much more common in colder temperatures, part of that is because the viruses probably live a little longer on cold surfaces than they do as exposed to sunlight, and because people are cooped up they’re spreading germs and re-circulated air a lot more,” he explained.

Schools are reminding parents to make sure their children are fever free for at least 24 hours without medicine before they send their kids back to school.

“When your kids are sick, you don’t want that to happen, you’re kind of helpless because you’re waiting on medicine to heal them, you know,” Bishop said.

School officials said they’re scrubbing down classrooms. Parents like Bishop are hoping a little extra diligence from everyone will help prevent another bout of sickness for her daughter and other children.

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