7K pounds of marijuana seized in Catawba County


NEWTON, N.C. — A six-month local, state and federal investigation has led to the arrests of four men and the seizure of 6,800 pounds of marijuana in Catawba County, authorities are saying.

A joint operation between multiple departments led to the arrests of Jose Garcia, Juan Olmos, Crispin Fair, and Michael Proffit who are accused of operating a cocaine, heroin and marijuana drug ring in Catawba Valley area.

Over $200,000 in cash along with 18 kilograms of cocaine were also confiscated.

The marijuana shipment was being delivered from Mexico, officials say. Garcia, 31, was illegally in the country and is now being investigated by ICE.

Olmo, 46 and Proffitt, 36, both face charges of trafficking cocaine.

The average street value cost of one pound of marijuana is $2,000 according to the website Budzu, which would bring the cost of this bust to approximately $13.6 million.

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