6 families displaced after fire tears through apartment complex


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Six families in East Charlotte are homeless after a fire tore through their apartment complex Friday afternoon. 

The fire broke out around noon today just off Rose Terrace Dr. near East W.T. Dr. 

The charlotte fire department is still investigating the cause, but FOX 46 spoke to the woman who lives in the apartment where the fire started and she told me it was an accident.

She didn’t want to be identified, but says she blames herself for the fire that left her neighbors on rose croft drive without a home.

“It was only minutes that I walked out of the room and came back and my bedroom was on fire,” she said. 

She says she left her 7-year-old grandson alone for a few minutes. He picked up a lighter and started playing with it. That’s when the bed sheet caught on fire.

“I thought there was some children playing and just messing around, walked a little further out into the breezeway, saw smoke coming out of the window and saw that it was on fire.”

The Charlotte Fire Department says it all started around 11:00 a.m. It took over 30 minutes and 50 plus firefighters to put out the flames. According to neighbors, no one was injured because the woman who’s home the fire started in saved them.

“I was so concerned about my neighbors I didn’t want anyone in the building to get burned or hurt. I just ran out. started banging on doors, hollering and screaming telling everybody get out of the building cause my apartment was on fire,” she said. 

She told FOX 46 she’s had a stern talk with her grandson.

“He’s telling me he’s sorry. He’s not understanding the significance of what it caused. He sees it now, that it cost us to lose everything we had.”

All her neighbors we’ve spoken to don’t blame her for what happened, instead they tell us they will do what they can to help.

“She’s awesome. Everybody is going to help her.”

The six apartments have smoke and water damage. Most of the families have a place to go, but the Red Cross is assisting anyone who needs extra help.

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