3 people tracked by police K-9s after woman’s car stolen


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Three people were tracked down by police K-9s and taken into custody, after a woman’s car was stolen Tuesday in the Creek Town neighborhood off Brookshire Boulevard and I-85 in northwest Charlotte, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

FOX 46 Charlotte was in the area when a young man was being patted down and then hauled away in handcuffs. Another man was placed in the back of a patrol car on Center Street near the intersection with Kentucky Avenue.

Tamaya Stewart was the victim. She lives nearby. Her car was

When Stewart got her car back and found her keys, which she says the suspects threw in a trash can, she hugged her car and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I’ve missed her (referring to her car). She’s awesome. She knew where home was. She knew.”

Tamaya, a mom, says she depends on her car and didn’t mean to leave her keys in it.

“Some crazy kids just wanted to joy ride, and they stole my vehicle,” she said. 

“Why would these young knuckleheads come through here and try to make this neighborhood bad? Because where you live at is bad. Don’t bring that over here. Keep that crap over there where you live,” neighbor Pam Reid said.

Tamaya and other neighbors are concerned about how young the suspects are and why they would do this.
“It’s not worth it. At the end of the day, you stole someone’s vehicle. I have a child. I pay for it (the car). It’s a necessity for me, joyriding, save up, buy a car so you won’t have to deal with anything like this.”

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