3 days after getting out of jail, man kills Charlotte woman


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The family of a woman killed at a weekend party in Charlotte is now speaking out. They say what hurts the most is that the accused gunman had just been released from jail days earlier.  

“Being the oldest is hard. You never think in a million years you would be burying your baby sister. My sister didn’t bother anyone she was fun-loving,” Takela Sanders told FOX 46.

Monday afternoon Sanders found herself fighting back tears. Her sister, 27-year-old Ebony Harrison, was killed Sunday morning after a fight at a party escalated. 

“I don’t want my sister to be looked at as a number 97. It’s sad, these kids don’t understand when they’re picking up a gun you’re not only hurting your family, you’re hurting the victim’s family as well,” Sanders said. 

Just 24 hours after the shooting police arrested 23-year-old Corey Vega. He is a convicted felon with a lengthy criminal history. 

He was out on bond when the shooting happened with previous charges ranging from kidnapping to armed robbery.  


“This man just got out of jail on the 14th. Three days later you killed my sister,” Sanders said. “When does it stop?” 

Sanders says Vega never should have been back on the street. 

“I feel like if he would have been in jail where he was supposed to be, my sister would still be here,” Sanders said. 

Nelson Garcia works across the street at the Genesis Project and was one of the first people to call 911. He agrees that more has to be done for repeat offenders. 

“Free to roam, to do whatever. It’s not just him being out on bond but who bonded him out. We can do better if we hold each other accountable and not send him back out with the same tools that made him get in here,” Garcia said. 

For now, Sanders said life will never be the same for their family, but she hopes people remember Ebony as more than a victim. 

“Remember her smile, she was fun-loving. Remember her kind heart,” Sanders said.

Vega is expected in court on Tuesday. 

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