27-year-old Charlotte woman who had COVID-19 describes painful experience, warns others


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More than 25,000 people here have recovered from the coronavirus and that number continues to tick upwards.

Among those to recover is a 27-year-old Charlotte woman. She says it was a battle to breathe and she admits before she was diagnosed, she wasn’t taking this seriously, but that all changed once she became extremely sick.

“I went to the gym until they closed it down and then once they closed it down me and a few of my other friends we were like ‘Let’s grill out. It’s just four or five of us, it’s fine.’ We were still doing all of that stuff and I told them – I was so scared to tell them – ‘Hey, I tested positive,’” Raven McGregor told FOX 46.

McGregor was healthy and active when she contracted COVID-19. Now she’s warning other young adults that it can happen to them. 

“I have to share my story because there are still people that are still at Freedom Park playing basketball, volleyball you know, big groups and they’re people my age. So, if I can just get to one person and they get to someone else then maybe they’ll be like okay, no one’s immune to this.”

McGregor was treated for a sinus infection because she couldn’t taste or smell. A week later her symptoms worsened and she was tested, the painful test brought tears to her eyes. She also got a chest X-ray which showed fluid in her lungs.

“So, I still had no taste or smell, coughing was really bad, and I was extremely tired and my fever was 103 at the highest but even with six Tylenol, I was still at a 100. I could not get it below that,” she said. 

The results came back positive nearly two weeks later. She says COVID-19 is not like the flu and she wasn’t sure she’d live through it. 

“Not being able to breathe from walking from where I am right now to my fridge back there without having to hold onto a wall just to catch my breath. That’s nothing like anything I’ve ever felt before. Way worse than the flu, way worse than strep,” she said. 

McGregor says take the shelter in place and social distancing seriously, if not for yourself, than for your friends and family.


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