(FOX 46 WJZY) — Robbers targeted two local Family Dollar stores this week, one in Newton and one in Belmont. 

At this time, they don’t appear to be connected. Police say it’s just coincidental that these crimes happened at two different Family Dollar locations.

“What was going through his mind, what did he want that bad?” one customer asked.

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The robbery at the Catawba County Location in Newton was the more violent of the two. Surveillance video shows a person dressed in all black walk into the store, find the clerk and together, they go to the register where the cash is.

“Crazy, really crazy. Who’s going to think about robbing a Family Dollar?” said another. 

Store workers would not make a comment regarding the incident, but FOX 46 is told the clerk is doing okay. 

Customers we spoke to believe this should motivate businesses to hire armed security or allow employees to carry weapons at work. 

“That’s how you can protect somebody. I think all stores or all places should have that.”

The Gaston County store, in Belmont, is having some problems.

Police tell FOX 46 just this week there’s been two different incidents of people stealing hundreds of dollars worth of linens. Video someone took of the aftermath captured two vehicles believed to be involved.

“Pretty good area. Fitness center beside you. Are they going to go to Urgent Care next?”

Newton Police are using the surveillance video to find the suspect with the gun. As for the Belmont store, FOX 46 gave the viewer-submitted video to police to help solve the crime.