2 arrested, accused of torturing human trafficking victim in front of children


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two people have been arrested after police say they tortured a woman in front of her two children at a hotel in Pineville. 

Thomas Antione Milller, 26, and Shakeeta Lasha Adams, 25, have been charged after Pineville police say they were involved in “unspeakable violent acts” against a woman and her children

Police say the victim came forward asking for help for herself and her two children. She told police she was held against her will at two different hotels where she was forced to engage in sexual acts with random men.

The victim told police that if she failed to meet a certain financial quota, punishments ranged from verbal abuse, to beatings with a belt, being held under water or in an ice bath in bathtub while being strangled, and burned with a hot wire coat hanger. These acts were committed in front of her two children, and police say they were beaten as well with a belt at times.

According to police, many hotels in Pineville, including Comfort Suites and Quality Suites where the incidents reportedly occurred, have put their employees and managers through training on the warning signs on how to spot human trafficking. While human trafficking in Pineville is rare, police say having extra eyes and ears of hotel staff who are trained to spot this can help protect more guests. 

Pineville Police believe there could be more victims of Miller and Adams’, and are asking those victims to come forward. 

Anyone with any additional information or if there are any additional victims out there regarding Miller and Adams, please contact the Pineville Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 704-889-2231.

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