18-year-old woman’s body found in backyard in east Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating after a woman’s body was found in a backyard in east Charlotte Thursday morning.

Family members tell FOX 46 Charlotte that 18-year-old Shania Hammonds was staying with friends at a home in the 6500 block of Willow Gate Lane.

“Shania was getting ready to graduate. She was a beautiful person. She was going into the service. She had a lot ahead of her,” Shania’s Stepfather John said.

Her mother says she had not heard from her daughter since Tuesday and was worried because she was always by her phone.

“She’s funny. She had a lot of energy. She’s original kind of, you can’t find nobody like her,” close friend of Shania Stewart Cole Jr. said

Stewart Cole tells FOX 46 Charlotte, he’s known Hammonds since they were kids. According to him, Shania was staying at his grandmother’s home since December.

“It’s shocking. It’s a real eye opener! You never know when someone is going to, you never know when is the last day you are going to see somebody,” Cole said.

No one knows exactly how she got to the backyard or how long she’s been there. They hope to learn what happened soon when police finish their investigation.

“I have no idea. I was hoping police would tell us but we didn’t get anything,” Cole said.

CMPD says there were no visible injuries on Hammonds’ body, making it difficult for police to give the family a cause or reason.

“I understand they got procedures and what they got to do and everything but it shouldn’t take as long as it does,” Shania’s Stepfather said

“Just want to know what happened to her. Who did it? What did it? Something. Just need to know something. How she got back there?” Cole said.

“She hadn’t lived her life yet and this is a tragedy that things like this happen to young kids that are trying to move forward with life,” Shania’s Stepfather said.

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