14-year-old boy says man tried to abduct him in Waxhaw neighborhood


WAXHAW, N.C. — A Waxhaw community is on edge as police search for the man who they say tried to abduct a teenage boy.

According to friends and police, the man inside a green car pulled up to a 14-year-old boy around this time Friday night and yelled at him to get in the car.

“It’s a reminder no matter where you live to always be cautious of your surroundings and people around you,” said Macie Graber, the boy’s friend.

The 14-year-old victim told police someone tried to abduct him along Exbury Gardens Drive in Waxhaw Friday night.

FOX 46 is the only station to talk with his friends who just minutes before were with the boy at a nearby playground.

“He was telling us he only had an hour and he needed to go home soon so we walked him home,” said friend, Hailey Araujo.

It was around 10 p.m. and they watched from the top of this hill, thinking he made it back home no problem.

“His siblings texted us and they were like, “what happened? What’s wrong? Something happened to him’,” Araujo said.

Hailey and Macie went from confused to concerned.

“And then they gave us the details about the green car pulling up and asking him to get in,” said Araujo.

“I was like kind of scared at first because, like, it never happens in our neighborhood, so we went back to our friend’s house and we were watching out for cars to come by just to be careful,” Graber said.

Waxhaw police say they’re looking for a green car, possibly a Toyota Corolla.

“He said it was just a green Toyota with blue lights on the inside,” said Graber.

Police left cards in neighbor’s doors this weekend, hoping anyone has surveillance footage of that car.

Friends say the kid has been through a lot in the past week: He’s lost a family member, his phone was stolen and then this happened the day before his 14th birthday. Now, everyone’s just hoping police get the guy who did this.

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