1 dead after train with Republican lawmakers on board hits garbage truck


CHARLOTESVILLE, VA (FOX 46 WJZY) — Several lawmakers from the Carolinas were on board a train that crashed en route to West Virginia Wednesday.
Representatives Robert Pittenger, Richard Hudson, Patrick McHenry, Virginia Foxx and Ralph Norman were all on board.  So was Senator Thom Tillis.
“We knew something terrible had happened,” said Rep. Robert Pittenger.

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It was a train ride that took a turn for the worst.
“Some of us were up at the refreshment stand and felt an enormous hit,” Pittenger said.  “Something had hit the train or we had hit something and we held on real tight.
The train, traveling to West Virginia, was carrying some area representatives heading there to talk policy when it turned fatal.
“We found out we had hit a garbage truck trying to pass over the track,” Pittenger said.  “And very sadly, one of the individuals is deceased and another they took away in a helicopter.  We watched them try to resuscitate the first one and he didn’t make it. The other is in serious condition and is hospitalized now.”
Some bumps and bruises on board the train, but representatives say that’s nothing compared to the loss of life on the ground.
“It’s a sad day,” said Pittenger.  “Our inconveniences are minor, but for those families that lost a loved one, we feel very badly for them.”

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