Workout Wednesday: Weights-free Workout

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Fox 46 Fitness Expert and co-founder of ETB Fit clean sport nutrition Petro Martynyuk joined us on Good Day Carolinas to show us an effective weights-free workout routine that can be done while traveling for work or in a home setting.

Weights-free Workout:

Goal: perform a total of 4 sets, at quick pace, resting 30 seconds between the exercises and 2 minutes between the sets to maximize the fat burning potential and keeping your metabolism at an elevated level.

1. Side Flys – 10 reps

2. Walking push-ups – 10 reps

3. Wall sits with alternate leg raises – 10 reps per leg

4. Tri-set abs: 20 reverse crunches, 30 standard crunches, 40 russian twists

Tip: once the routine becomes easy, you can increase the resistance by adding heavier weights, higher number of reps or quicker pace to make it more challenging.

Have no fear, eat the bear!

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